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Market 2.03.2023

Thurstone Scale Survey to Measure Attitudes

The Thurstone Scale was designed to measure attitudes towards an object. This tool provides high-precision measurement of the respondent’s attitude towards a complex ambiguous object, when it cannot be measured directly.  Definition of Thurstone Scale  The main principle of the scale is as follows: the respondent is asked to rate a […]

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Market 22.02.2023

Types of Market Segmentation

Target audience as big as thousands of people is rarely homogeneous. Clients differ by gender, age, lifestyle, frequency of purchases, etc. That is why a universal approach to promotion may not be effective. Dividing target audience by subgroups is a step towards customized offers, better targeted advertising campaigns and new product […]

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Market 25.01.2023

360-Degree Feedback Survey to Boost Your Team’s Performance

Most companies face the need to assess their personnel. This assessment later serves as the basis for the incentive system, individual career paths, and promotion decisions. This task can be partially accomplished through a KPI system. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to find adequate metrics for every position, that will provide […]

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Market 16.01.2023

How to Write Good Questions for a Questionnaire

Why is it so important to write good questions for a questionnaire? The quality of your results will depend on the quality of your questions. A poorly constructed question can cause bias in the responses; it will lead to misunderstanding or misinterpretation. In this article, we’ll talk about different types of […]

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Market 13.12.2022

How to Create a Questionnaire

Nowadays, target audiences are surveyed not only by sociologists but also by a variety of specialists without relevant education: product managers, business analysts, HR managers, etc. Yet, few look into how to create a good questionnaire. The process seems deceptively intuitive at first. However, you have to bear in mind that […]

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Market 2.12.2022

How to create a survey

How to create an online survey Benefits and limitations of an online survey Online survey is a type of survey where respondents answer questions on their personal device — a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Survey invitations can be sent out to an existing contact list or to participants of a survey panel. […]

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Market 27.11.2022

How to Collect and Analyze Survey Data

How to Collect Survey Data One of the key sources of quantitative data in sociology is surveys. Try online survey maker. There are three main survey types based on their format: Telephone Survey This type of survey is essentially a phone interview. It can be conducted by calling both landlines and […]

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Survey design 11.11.2022

How to Reduce Survey Fatigue and Design a Likely-to-Be-Completed Survey

The average human attention span is eight seconds. When it comes to a marketing survey, keeping the respondent’s attention will be even harder. So you have to think it over how to make the survey easier to perceive to avoid the distortion of data caused by respondent fatigue. Types of Survey […]

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Market 3.11.2022

Qualitative Survey Methods

The objective of the qualitative methods is to answer questions like “how?”, “why?”, and “what for?” which should be carefully arranged while making a survey. Researchers choose qualitative methods to lessen their influence on respondents’ answers. Their goal is to study social reality as it is perceived by people. That is […]

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Employees 3.11.2022

Employee Job Satisfaction Survey: 60 Questions for Different Organization Types

When employees are dissatisfied with their jobs, both their productivity and the quality of work suffer. This is why the HR service should identify signs of job dissatisfaction in employees’ behavior, figure out where these signs come from, and take the corrective actions. We’ll look more closely at why it is […]

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