Security and reliability

Your data is only accessible to you and no one else
Be assured, no one will be able to access your data. The PeakPoll service does not disclose any data to third parties and does not use it for its own purposes. It's in our company's best interest to create a secure and easy to use service.
Data backup and restoration
We care about the safety of your data. Every few hours we make automatic backups of your data to a secure external drive. This way we are able to restore your data even if the project's servers go down completely.
Service reliability
To ensure reliable performance of the system we use multiple servers. These servers are constantly performing data cross-synchronization, so even in case of an emergency your data is safe. And if there is a malfunction, we will be able to promptly redirect all requests to a different server.
Data transfer security
All the data transferred between your browser and our servers is protected by an SSL security certificate. Using 256 bit encryption ensures the packets transferred between your computer and the PeakPoll service are safe from any intruders.