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Study of the employee loyalty
20 questions

 Survey recommendations:

  1. The survey should be conducted among employees, who joined the company over 3 months ago.
  2. The survey should be conducted among full-time employees.
  3. Respondents must not hold management positions.
  4. Before the survey, please change the name of the form to avoid a respondent to guess the survey is about loyalty.
  5. The survey should be anonymous to make sure a respondent gives a sincere answer.
  6. Please put the relevant names in the questions and answers with the words "indicate", "subdivision", etc.
  7. Attention! The survey has logical rules. If you change the survey structure, please make sure these rules are set up correctly.



Remove this text block before launching the survey.

Dear "indicate"!

Our team is constantly evolving. We appreciate your opinion about some aspects of your job. Give sincere and thoughtful answers to the following questions. Please answer them yourself. Your answers are not to be disclosed.